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Modern Art Museum

Organization: Muzeul de Arta Constanta
Contact person: Doina Pauleanu-director
Phone: 0241 616602
Web site:
Country: Romania
County: Constanta
City: Constanta
Address: B-dul Tomis nr. 82 - 84
Cladirea este construita intre anii 1891-1893 dupa planurile arhitectului Ion Socolescu si prezinta decoratiile exterioare in stil neoclasic. A adapostit prima scoala romaneasca din Constanta, iar din 1961 este sediul Muzeului de Arta
- Infiintat pe baza colectiei de pictura si sculptura, provenita de la Pinacoteca Primariei orasului Constanta, si prin achizitii si donatii facute de Marius Bunescu, Ion Jalea, Boris Caragea.
Obiectele sunt expuse pe trei nivele ale celor doua cladiri, legate intre ele; prima constructie datata 1895, avand elemente de decoratie exterioară in stil neoclasic, cealalta, moderna, ridicata intre 1980 - 1982. Sunt puse in valoare lucrari de referinta semnate de Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu si Ioan Andreescu. Stefan Luchian este prezent cu cateva naturi moarte cu flori. Expunerea parterului muzeului este completata cu opere semnate de mari sculptori ai aceleiasi epoci: Ioan Georgescu, Stefan Ionescu Valbudea, Friederic Storck, Dimitrie Paciurea.Tot aici pot fi intalnite portrete mici si compozitii semnate de Ion Jalea, Cornel Medrea si de alti sculptori , portrete si peisaje intr-o suita de opere semnate de Camil Ressu, Sabin Popp, Ion Theodorescu Sion si altii.
Adresa : B-dul Tomis nr. 82 - 84
Telefon : 0241/616.012; 0241/618.019
Program : 9:00 - 20:00 (vara); 9:00 - 17:00 (iarna); luni, marti: inchis

SPA services

Organization: COCOR SPA HOTEL
Contact person: Moroianu Nicolae
Phone: +4 0241 701 042
Fax: +4 0241 701 142
Web site:
Country: Romania
County: Constanta
City: Neptun Olimp
3000 m² with 25 incredibly atmospheric high-design booths, the Cocor spa offers guests a holistic wellness and health experience.
The 3 floors of this splendid spa house:
- An atmospheric, fully-equipped thermarium and pool area for treatments that use water and heat
- A cutting-edge clinic which combines traditional local natural therapies with modern new practices
- A wellness oasis, the sensory magic of the Spa where guests can indulge in rituals and massages that revitalise the body and soothe the soul.
Guests can also use the fitness studio and the Spa Suite, which is especially designated for exclusive rituals for two people.
In short, Cocor offers wellness, health and utter relaxation, with a full range of services that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Not least thanks to the expertise of our professional staff and the high quality of the treatments and products used (from two internationally renowned wellness brands, the Italian firm Gerardas and the French company Thalgo.
Cocor Spa is a sensory space for men and women to escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life. From the minute you enter the Spa you will be taken on a unique journey that has been created only for you. Designed to subconsciously stimulate all your senses, you will be immersed in a luxurious blend of exotic cultures, colours and textures from around the world.
Guests will benefit considerably from the spaas fantastic position just a few metres from the sea. This is further enhanced by a choice of thalassotherapy treatments using local muds and salts, while the more dynamic guests are encouraged to take part in activities on the beach.

Travel agency

Organization: Profi Tours Ltd.
Contact person: Plamena Krassimirova
Phone: 00359 2 40 10 565,
Fax: 00359 2 987 31 45
Web site:
Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia
Address: Pl. Macedonia, 1
Profi Tours Ltd is established in 1997 and is one of the major online present tourist companies in Bulgaria with unique web integration of full range of tourist services. As a service provider for some of the oldest and most visited bulgarian tourist portals we have given a hearthy welcome to more than 10000 visitors of Bulgaria, many of whom are our regular customers nowadays.
We are licensed incoming and outgoing tour operator (license No.03475 / 08.12.1997 issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy), member of IATA (numeric codes 09-200995 and 09-210235) and ETOA (European Tour Operators Association) with representatives in Sofia and all major ski and summer resorts of the country, multilingual staff and tour guides.
www.Bulgaria-Hotels.Com is our most centalized travel services portal for foreign tourists in Bulgaria and one of the oldest in the Bulgarian web space. Now reinforced with a brand new design and greatly improved functionality it is ready to help us satisfy every wish of yours and meet with professionalism your needs including:

Airplane tickets for your arrival and departure from Bulgaria.
Hotel accommodation in every Bulgarian city, town or resort.
Business trips, meetings, conferences and seminars arrangement.
Ski holiday packages in all Bulgarian ski resorts - Borovets, Bansko, Pamporovo, etc.
Summer vacations in all sea resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Health and beauty holidays in the great variety of spa resorts in Bulgaria.
Transfers and transport services throughout the country.
Rent-a-car services.
City break trips.
Long tours around Bulgarian monasteries, museum towns and villages, wine-producing centres, ethnological centres and landmarks where you can dive into Bulgarian history, culture and crafts.
Trekking, mountaineering, climbing, birdwatching in the fairy-tale world of the Bulgarian mountains.
Tailor-made tours.
Visit to the most spectacular Bulgarian etno festivals like the Festival of Roses in Kazanluk or Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival

Wellness and beauty programs, cosmetic studios

Organization: Medical SPA Centre Albena
Contact person: Daniela Stoyanova
Phone: 00359 897966623
Web site:
Country: Bulgaria
City: Albena
The unique balneology center "Medica" is situated in the Dobrudja hotel, which is the only one of its kind within the whole Bulgarian seaside with his new equipment and recreation therapy. The center offers different Wellness and beauty programs, cosmetic studios.
In the Spa Centre we treat successfully the following diseases:
a Diseases of the skeletal and muscular apparatus-inflammatory, degenerative and traumatic origin in a chronic stage: rheumatic poliartritis, gaut arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious arthritis with unknown etiology, deforming artrosis, spondiloartrosis, ankilosiral spondiloartritis, ankilosiral spondiloartritis (Behterevas disease), trauma and orthopaedic operation, Zudekas dystrophy, periartritis, epicondilitis, mialgia, myositis, tendovaginitis, etc.
a Neurological diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neuritis, neuralgia, polineuritis, plexitis, radiculitis, causalgia, etc, functional nervous diseases (during the cold months)-neurasthenia, stress, climacterics, acroparaestesia, eritromelalgia, vasomotor neurosis, sexual disturbances, mental & psychic overstrain, with fatigue and diminished activity.
a Skin Diseases: psoriasis, neurodermitis and uralgia
a Gynaecological diseases (during the warm months)-inflammatory processes in chronic stage, sterility
a Overweight, overstrain and stress
Physiotherapeutic procedures - a Spa treatment - different kinds of baths-algae, mineral water and herbs, galvanic, pearl with herbs, salts, oils, whirl pooling
a Curative massage -whole body and partial massage, underwater (tangentor),vibro massage, vibro-extension
a Gymnastics -individual and group gymnastics, underwater fitness
a Electrical and light treatment , celutron, body former
a Mud treatment -highly mineralised curative mud with a high concentration of sulphates, calcium, natrium and sodium. The mud contains biologically active substances, biogenious stimulators and microelements, such as iodine, copper, strontium and molybdenum.
a Paraffin treatment
a Inhalation treatment - with mineral and sea water, using herbs and medicines
a Lye and herbs application, aromatherapy, fitotherapy, laser therapy, manual therapy, solarium, sauna
a Medical Cosmetics - vapazon, face skin cleaning, facial massage, herb masks
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