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Tourism 365 days per year (2008)re-launcing the tourism at the seaside

Project summary

Romania's (RO) and Bulgaria's (BG) accession to the European Union (EU) at January 1st, 2007, represents the moment when borders between countries have been eliminated, and the EU Internal Market have become an immediate reality for local business communities. Economic integration of cross-border regions proved to be, at EU level, one of the positive effects of common market.

This integration, as specific studies shows, requires on short term a faster adaptation to market condition, compared with other regions, facing a higher competition challenge during the first phase. These facts leads to the conclusion that promotional actions, support and development of cross border cooperation between private and public sectors and between individuals must continue.

Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture, in partnership with Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry, intends to help tourism entrepreneurs interested in cross border (CBC) business, to take advantage of this situation as fast as possible, by stimulation of contacts between companies from seaside regions of Constanta and Dobrich.

The project Tourism 365 days per year, has as general objective the contribution to promotion of sustainable economic development of the border region Romania - Bulgaria by re-launcing the tourism at the seaside and extension of active tourism season. This local economic development will reduce, in time, and correlated with other projects in social and environment areas, the disparities between border regions and more developed central regions in both countries.

Activities summary

In order to fulfill these objectives, the project Tourism 365 days per year will develop a series of activities to ensure a continuously broad impact, during an unlimited period of time, and also encouraging the direct participation of all interested stakeholders for the development of cross border relations in tourism sector:

  • For this purpose, a clear evaluation of the interest to participate to project's activities will be carried in both target regions, by identification of companies from tourism sector interested to develop cross border relations, as well as identification of available tourism products and services on border areas. The result of this evaluation will be a database with 160 of RO and BG companies, which will be used for all project's activities.
  • Information, training and awareness-raising activities (a conference and two round tables) will focus on concepts, solutions, experience and European good practices regarding the extension of summer season on seaside areas, with the clear target to identify feasible alternative solutions for the increase of active period for tourism in both countries. Nevertheless a result of the conference and round tables must be the strengthening of the specific skills of the participants, to be further used in tourism activities.
  • The experience exchange and know-how transfer will cover the practical aspects. With the scope to increase mutual trust in tourism markets in Romania and Bulgaria and to stimulate the cooperation relations between companies from both countries, the information and training activities will be followed by organized visits to success companies in regions Constanta and Dobrich.
  • Activities for stimulation and support of the extension of the tourism season, enabling the sustainability of the project, have as result the creation of specific tools to contribute to the economic development of border regions and extension of seaside summer season. Two information points will be created in Constanta and Dobrich, a guide Tourism 365 days per year will be produced, as well as an on-line database with cultural, sport, folkloric events, promoting local tourism offers on and extra season in Romania and Bulgaria.

    More about the activities detailed project activities

The project includes promotional activities, in local media or partners publications, as well as dedicated web-page. In the end, both project and results will be widely promoted on Romanian and Bulgarian borders.

Total budget of the project is 53.580 euro, of which Phare contribution 48.200 euro (88,6%). Project's duration is 12 months (August 2008 – July 2009).

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