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Project summary


To contribute to cross-border business cooperation promotion, through facilitating the direct contacts between companies and generating commercial exchanges and joint-ventures creation, as an important vector for both economic development Constanta and Dobrich border regions and their European integration.


Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture
Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Target group

The target group, direct and indirect beneficiaries consisted in: Constanta and Dobrich business communities in furniture sector, including furniture and furniture accessories producers and traders, wood craftsmen, and related state and private organizations that support cross-border cooperation between these companies.


Preparative measures:
  • Professional training course organized in Constanta for the Romanian - Bulgarian pilot group, in order to support them to position themselves on the cross-border and European market and better develop strategies for business cooperation
  • Establishment of Romanian - Bulgarian Professional Association of Furniture Producers and Traders MOBPART
Active measures:
  • Two business partnerships, one in Constanta and one in Dobrich and study visit to participant companies
  • Contact visits within two international furniture fairs organized in Bucharest (Romania) and Sofia (Bulgaria)
Activities aimed to stimulate cross-border business cooperation:
  • Publication of an English brochure on the socio-economic frames of the partner regions
  • Publication of a catalogue consisting in the presentation of furniture and furniture accessories producers and traders from Constanta and Dobrich regions used as a promotion tools in all project activities
  • Development of a database with furniture and furniture accessories producers and traders, wood craftsmen, providers, from Romania, Bulgaria and other European countries. The database is an important work instrument for companies and member-companies of the Association
  • Creation of a web section on Constanta partner web-site, dedicated to the project, Association and all companies in furniture industry
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