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Euro Dobrogea (2005)economic development and cooperation

Project summary

Euro Dobrogea is a cross-border cooperation project in the economic development sector, financed by The European Union through Phare Programme.

For both Romania and Bulgaria, cross-border cooperation represents a test of European integration, in the larger context of their steady efforts to prepare for their future European accession. Border regions have, thus, the occasion to exercise their capacity for understanding and valuing neighbours'culture, and seize opportunities offered by being located on the border. Cross-border cooperation is also a model for over passing barriers and constraints imposed by different legislations.


Euro Dobrogea aims to stimulate the start and development of cross-border cooperation relations contributing to economic development growth in Constanta and Dobrich regions.


Applicant: Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture
Partner: Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria
Others: Close cooperation with Unioncamere Veneto, Italy

Target groups

As direct beneficiaries, two Romanian and Bulgarian distinct categories will benefit of the project:
  • entrepreneurs (900 organizations / persons)
  • local authorities and NGO's (100 organizations)
Indirect beneficiaries will be other organizations interested in cross-border cooperation and in project's results.


Preparation of Euro-Dobrogea Guide consisting in two sections:
  • European cross-border cooperation (CBC) concept
  • Good practices in cross-border cooperation

The Guide will be developed in Romanian and Bulgarian, 700 copies on paper and 100 on CD-ROM in each language and will be available for download on Documents section of project website.

Information campaign Euro Dobrogea:
  • Dissemination of Euro Dobrogea Guide
  • Promotion of CBC concept through local media and professional papers, in Constanta and Dobrich
  • Development of Euro-Dobrogea website, in English
  • Development of online database promoting CBC, in English
CBC good practices transfer:
  • Good practice transfer event for Romanian and Bulgarian entrepreneurs and local authorities/NGO’s. Two main subjects will be addressed: good practices in European CBC and good practices in preparing cooperation projects and grant contract management
  • Study visit at CBC projects sites, on the Romanian border, for Bulgarian direct beneficiaries
  • Study visit at CBC projects sites, on the Bulgarian border, for Romanian direct beneficiaries
Facilitation of CBC relations:

Euro-Dobrogea Club will be a permanent flexible and multi-disciplinary frame for promoting CBC initiatives and partnerships. The Club will be opened to both Romanian and Bulgarian organizations.

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Euro Dobrogea
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