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Cooperation without borders (2007)economic development and cooperation

Project summary

Type of project

Economic development and cooperation - promotion of business cooperation, enterprise development.


Applicant: Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture
Partner: Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Target groups

  • Business communities, with an accent on the Euro-Dobrogea Club
  • Business support organisations
  • Local authorities

Final beneficiaries

Whole business communities in Constanta and Dobrich districts (a total of 22.237 companies).

Project activities

  • Evaluation of participation potential in the "free movement of goods and services"
  • Identification of companies matching the goods / services that companies from the other border region would like to import
  • Launch seminar - press conference
  • Information / training instruments
  • Business Partnership in Dobrich
  • Business Partnership in Constanta and training on the free movement of goods and services (4 days)
  • Promotion and extension of Euro-Dobrogea Club, by inviting the newly identified companies to join in
  • Common Romania - Bulgarian Exhibition in Constanta (3 days)
  • Final press conferences in Constanta and Dobrich
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