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Project summary


The general objective of the project: to contribute to create long term co-operation relationship between the local communities and their relative representatives, especially between the local business communities of cross-border regions Constanta and Dobrich.


Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture
Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Target group

The target group, direct and indirect beneficiaries: Constanta and Dobrich companies from the food processing industry as well as restaurants and catering services, supporting organizations of the companies, specialists in cuisine, local and regional authorities.


Preparative measures:
  • Selection of the companies, establishing the pilot group of companies
  • Professional training course organized in Constanta for the pilot group
  • Informing and documentation point in Constanta (providing consultancy and information to the companies and the interesting persons as related to the cross-border co-operation)
Active measures:
  • Two business partnerships, one in Constanta and one in Dobrich of the Romanian and Bulgarian companies' representatives implied in the projects
  • Foodstuff Exhibition in Constanta - showroom with foodstuff, dishes and wines organised in Constanta
Activities aimed to stimulate cross-border business cooperation:
  • Publication of a brochure with foreign investment framework both in Romanian and Bulgarian
  • Publication of a presentation catalogue of the companies exhibiting foodstuff, dishes and wines within the showroom
  • Creation of a web section on Constanta partner web-site, dedicated to the project:
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