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Project summary

The recent accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union has determined the modification of the most important physical barrier to cross-border economic cooperation, which is the disappearance of borders. Statistic data and actual facts from border cities show an apprehension and valorization of the advantages related to the disappearance of borders: intensification of small border trade, growing interest in cross - border business - the increase in the number of joint venture companies and projects to this purpose, even instances of cross-border shuttle.

Despite these advantages of border regions, 68.2 Standard Eurobarometer - Public opinion in European Union, autumn 2007, shows a severe decrease of the general perception over the part played by the European Union in the economic situation, in both countries, showing a 6% drop in Romania and, respectively, 5% drop in Bulgaria. Within this context, the project partners are proposing a project which answers, on one hand, the growing interest manifested towards cross - border business and economic activities, while, on the other hand, balances the decrease of negative perceptions over the advantages of the accession to the European Union.

The project Euro Dobrogea - Resource Center for Business and Innovation Romania - Bulgaria, proposed by a partnership including organizations which specialize in promoting business - Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture (CCINA) and Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry - and in technological training and research - development - "Ovidius" University of Constanta and the Technical College of Dobrich from Constanta - Dobrici region, intends to create a center for integrated services, with a registered office in Constanta and service terminals in Dobrich and Constanta, respectively hosted by the project partners. The general plan of the project is developed on three complementary sections which, in the end, will lead to the launching of a complete and functional cross - border Resource Center for Business and Innovation.

  1. Service provision section of Euro Dobrogea Center

    To capitalize the partners' long time and complementary experience, the services were structured in business and innovation promotion services, information and documentation services, training and helpdesk services. At the same time, due to the innovative character of these services, specialized on the cross-border dimension, the services will have a general nature, approaching all the themes which lead to the start-up and development of cross-border business: trade information, information on innovation opportunities (information, technical knowledge and exchanges, resulting from research activities), information on legislation, financing sources, etc.

    The provision of services will also depend on the cooperation with specialists from the four partners, especially in case of complex requests of assistance and consultancy. All partners will have access to a series common working instruments. To ensure the coherence of the services and the creation on synergies between the partners, the activity of the Center will be based on the annual program of common activities. The quality of the services will be ensured by a commonly agreed charter of services and by a coordination which involves all four partners, who in the end will sign the "Euro Dobrogea" Partnership Agreement. The Center will generate two permanent work places.

  2. Logistics provision section of the Center - respectively, to build and equip the Center's infrastructure, the main section of the project, in terms of the budget (about 77% of the total budget).

    The Center will be hosted by a structure with a surface of 423 m2, divided in two areas with specific destinations: (1) the event and partnership room, with modulated furniture, which will host various types of events, starting from workshops to conferences with 130 participants and (2) the area destined for the provision of services, conceived as on open space, integrating the Center's specific services (helpdesk services) library and media library, internet navigation, etc. This structure will be built as an extension of the current headquarters of Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture.

  3. Center's Promotion and Cross-border Cooperation Stimulation Section, by presenting best practice examples of partners' experience and contact events.

The project will be supported by excellent media coverage and project visibility activities.

Project duration: 14 months.

Project eligible budget: 435.000 euro, out of which 382.800 euro (88%) from public funds.

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