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Business Card (1998)cross-border cooperation

Project summary


To support and encourage Bulgarian-Romanian economic cooperation through various activities that disseminates complete and integrated information regarding the general business environment and opportunities. The project also intended to create the best climate for a better cooperation between local authorities and economic promoters representing the two regions.


Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture
Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Target group

Business communities, administrative and banking institutions of the two regions: Constanta and Dobrich.


  • promotional activities: a set of brochures and leaflets produced in English, Bulgarian and Romanian represented an integrated and complete presentation of partners' business environment and institutions involved in business procedures, legislation and regulations; business opportunities database
  • seminars and exhibitions in Constanta and Dobrich with double purpose: presentation of the promotional material produced under the project and meetings and discussions between representatives of local authorities, economic promoters and business communities
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