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Black Sea Conferences (2000)developing and promoting business tourism

Project summary


Developing and promoting business tourism on the Black Sea Coast - regions Constanta, Romania, and Dobrich, Bulgaria - as being an important resource for attracting a new market segment that would allow the tourism season to extend. The Project intended to improve to lack of experience and knowledge in this field, and help increase general standards of tourism services, through transferring west European good practice and experience.


Constanta Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Shipping and Agriculture
Shabla Municipality
Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Target group

Companies and institutions involved in organising conferences, symposia, fairs and other business events.


  • training of local actors involved in organising business events (two sessions), lecturers given by a British expert
  • promotional activities to support business tourism: brochures, web page, organisation of a tourism fair for the two partner-regions: Constanta, Romania and Dobrich, Bulgaria
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